Southwest Wyoming Wool Warehouse

Feed & Veterinary | Horse Tack & Supplies | Fencing & Gates

Taking care of Sweetwater county since 1954!

The Southwestern Wyoming Wool Warehouse has an excellent selection of animal feed, veterinary supplies, horse tack, fencing, cast iron cookware and ranch supplies. We provide our customers with top quality products at great prices!

The Wool Warehouse started in 1954 as a place for sheepmen in the area to store their wool. There were seven original owners, all of whom owned livestock in southwestern Wyoming, and their families still live in the area and own stock in the Wool Warehouse.  Family names such as Magagna, Erramouspe, Angelovic, Erickson and Hay (who were 5 of the original owners) still have stock in the compay.

Wool Warehouse was built as a place to store wool after shearing. The building is 120’x200′ (24,000 sq. ft.) and would be filled to capacity with wool in the early years. An office and restroom were added and then at a later date a small store area was added to sell feeds and ranch supplies.

As the sheep business dwindled the warehouse started carrying more feeds and supplies and started storage in the warehouse. As Rock Springs has grown we have added new varieties of merchandise to meet the needs of our customers.

We Sell & Repair Horse Tack!

  • Unique Gift Items & Iron Art
  • Cast Iron Cookware
  • Work Gloves, Belts & Caps
  • Rada Cutlery
  • Water Softener Salt
  • Bulk Burlap & Canvas
  • Fly & Rodent Control Products
  • Livestock and Equine Equipment
  • Fence & Wire Products
  • Large & Small Animal Feed
  • Dog Coats & Beds
  • Softwood shavings
  • Water Tanks & Heaters
  • Buckets, Tubs & Feeders

Woodscape premium fuel pellets are available in a high quality 40lb bags that keep pellets dry and won’t tear apart while handling.

And Much More!

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